As we work on our transition into Uniting 2 Serve from Servants, we will be updating these videos with the new names. However, the way we serve will still be similar. Check out these videos to learn how we are working to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala!  Below the videos section you will find the team’s values, vision, and mission.

Learn what SARF is and a brief introduction into how we do it.


Listen in on our conversation about how we provide educational support and how it has positively impacted the lives of the children we serve.

From Served to Serving

Olga’s Testimony

We served Olga and her kids for 5 years and she has since become a self sufficient family with a desire to serve!  We recruited her to work with us first as a volunteer as she told us multiple times, “anything I can do to help, I’m here to serve!”  She has a huge heart for “paying back” what the ministry did for her by helping others.

Core Values

These are the core values our team stands by and drives every interaction with each other, those we serve, and everyone else in the community.
We respect everyone as being created by God.  We understand that God created everyone equally without preference of sex, race, social status, and belief.  In this way we commit to love everyone unconditionally.
We will demonstrate to everyone the promise we have made to serve God and the mission He has called us to fulfill on the earth.  We will strive to fulfill the vision with excellence, which is centered in encouraging others with the truth of Christ.
We commit to help those in most need of a spiritual, emotional, and physical push.  The way they seek the Lord, He will protect them while He helps them be more self sustainable and depend more upon God as their creator and provider.
We are founded in honesty, responsibility, and integrity to maintain the best accountability first to God and also to those we help in ministry with our efforts.  We will always share the truth and with conviction so that anything hidden will be visible by the light of Jesus Christ.
We share our efforts with solidarity and efficiency in order to be unified.  We trust in every member of the team as brothers and sisters in Christ and we will always solve any disagreement or misunderstanding with familial love.  We will use clear communication to remain unified and help each other mutually in work and our personal lives.


We envision the ministry reaching many families in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in a way that impacts their lives spiritually for the glory of God
We long to help the families with greatest need in Guatemalan communities by setting the example through our own lives.
Our greatest focus is our relationship with God: informed by His Word, strengthened by our prayers, and demonstrated by how we treat each other.  Even though we are compassionate, we are also precise, taking into account the responsibility to steward the resources that God has provided for us to serve.
We desire to encourage everyone to first depend upon God.  We hope to demonstrate how to be self sufficient to those we serve while helping them reach that goal.  With God’s help, we will identify those who are able to advance in life but only lack resources to reach their goals.  We will become lifelong companions with them to provide the necessary support they need without creating dependence upon the ministry itself.

Want more content???

We are currently working on bringing you more video content to describe what we do in this ministry and how we do it. Until then, check out the videos we have compiled over the years.