Register Below!

Run, Walk, Crawl, or Ride* your way to helping us better serve at-risk families in Guatemala!
You will get your swag before the race so you can represent on race day!
Preregistration to get a shirt ends July 22

Invite your friends!

Our main goal is to raise awareness and share the need of the families we serve. If you refer a friend that signs up, both of you get entered to win a prize!

Participate the week of August 8

Pick the family you will represent when you register and when you participate, wear your shirt! Submit your results by August 15th right here. The winning team gets entered to win a prize!

Watch the Livestream

On August 14th at 9:30am we will livestream a 5k run through the streets of Guatemala on our Facebook page! Join in the fun or run and ride with us in real time!  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see last year’s run.

Post and Share!

Share a pic of you in your shirt on the Servants Facebook page (click icon above) with hashtag #5kforfamilies and get entered for a prize!
*Bike riders are asked to use a 3:1 ratio, meaning a 15k (9.32 miles)
Which family should you pick?

Our ministry is about family

When you register, your “team” will be a family we serve that you will represent!  We will send you a prayer card  to remember them by.  Check out our family profiles to see which family you want to represent! 

Frequently asked questions

Is biking a 5k fair to the runners?
We ask that bikers use a 3:1 ratio, meaning while our walkers and runners are going 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) our bikers will go 15 kilometers (9.32 miles).
What are the prizes?
We have received a few donations of $50 gift cards to give out to our lucky winners, just as a fun incentive to participate.
How do you prevent people from cheating on their times?
Since this is a fundraiser designed to increase awareness, we created ways to enter into a drawing for a prize instead of winning for the fastest time or fastest team.  This way, everyone has more than one chance to win just by participating!
What does the money go towards?
The funds for registration goes directly toward supporting our at-risk families in Guatemala.  Thanks to a sponsor for the “swag”, we are able to invest 100% of your registration fee into the lives of those who really need it the most!
What swag will I get?
You will get a t-shirt that represents the ministry and a prayer card with your “team” picture (ie the family you signed up to represent).  Being a fundraising event, we tried to keep overhead costs as low as possible so we can benefit the families the most!
Can I support the ministry on a regular basis?
Yes!  The registration form allows you to convert your one-time registration into a periodic donation to support the family of your choice!
How is the winning team determined?
The winning team will be determined by the average time calculated.  This way it is a joint effort by all team members and team size will not ultimate affect the overall time for each team.  Team standings will be posted the week after the race.

A Truly “Virtual” Event

What makes this a real virtual event is that we will livestream a 5k run in Guatemala on August 14th!  Here is a video of last year’s run with some of the families we serve.