We met Angelica, Jesus (Chus), and Jeremias through Servants missionaries serving in Guatemala. The introduction to their great need came in the form of Angelica asking to borrow $500 so Chus could emigrate to Mexico where his dad lives to find work. He currently is employed by a local cinder block factory where his job is to carry bags of cement a few stories up a ladder to feed the machine that makes blocks. Unfortunately, the machine often breaks down and during the rainy season, he can’t work when it is raining. The company doesn’t pay when there is no work and this creates an unstable income for the family.

Since he was a baby, Jeremias has had various medical issues. The family scrapes together what they can to pay for doctor’s visits and medicine but it is often not enough. Angelica picks up odd jobs cleaning houses, washing laundry, and any otheer kind of household manual labor that people will pay them for. They often have to rely on the generosity of their neighbors or church just to have food to put on the table. They have adapted to spreading out their meals throughout the day as they can usually only afford to eat once or twice.

Their immediate need is help with Jeremias’ medical costs aside from their inability to have food on a regular basis. Since our main goal is to help strengthen and keep the family unit together, we have decided to come alongside this family to help them in their immediate needs with a future outlook on helping improve their education to find more stable work. As of 2019, Angelica has a second grade education and Chus cannot read or write.

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