Fidel has worked hard

to try to provide for his family but it has been difficult since he is much older now. His wife passed away in 2005. His children have been working hard to provide for the family but as is the common case in Guatemala, it has been difficult. Fidel’s children live together with him on their little piece of land in Villa Nueva. In total there are 3 whole families living in less than 1000 square feet of land divided into 3 homes. Two of his children are married with their own children. Fidel lives in the third house with his daughter and three grandchildren.
Fidel holds the newest his newest grandaughter in 2019
Maribel, Fidel’s daughter,
 is the mother figure and cares for the others. She had been making tortillas on a wood burning grill but the doctors say the smoke is affecting her lungs too much. Cristal is Maribel’s daughter and her father is no longer in the picture. Vilma was abandoned by her parents and at just 9 months old, was left with the family and had been a part of it ever since until she decided to run away with her boyfriend in 2018.  Juan is the son of Fidel’s daughter who passed away in 2015 and her husband who passed away when Juan was only 2 years old. Because of the lack of income due to the deaths in the family, it has been difficult to keep Juan and Vilma in school. Recently, they had to drop out of school and try to pick up odd jobs just to support the basic survival needs of the family.  Fidel’s other children try to help out as much as they can but also need to provide for their kids and spouses. They were very excited to hear that Fidel and their siblings would be getting some help from Servants to get back on their feet.

Paola and Karla

came to live with the family in 2019. Their mother, Fidel’s daughter, moved in with her boyfriend along with her younger son, Josue. However, the girls prefered to live with Fidel and Maribel because they are afraid of her mother’s boyfriend. Thanks to help from Servants they have been able to continue school.

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