Emilia is an eternally sweet woman who is very welcoming and grateful whenever we visit. This widow cannot read or write, which has restricted her working options to manual labor and housekeeping. She currently has a job working for a couple by maintaining their house, cooking, and occasionally caring for the children. Her daughter, Dipoli, is also illiterate and has a lot of trouble finding work.

Jerson (equal to the American pronunciation Harrison) quit high school some years ago to work to support the family. He had a desire to return to school as he only has 1 more year to accomplish in his computer design course to graduate high school as of 2013. He currently is the only one of the family living with Emilia because there isn’t much space in their home. Now that Emilia has problems keeping a job, Jerson was able to complete his schooling with help from SARF and continues to work to better support his family.

Gerson and Emilia celebrating Emilia's 61st birthday

Jerson and Emilia celebrating Emilia’s 61st birthday

Hipolita, Emilia’s daughter lives close by with her son Hamilton and is also served by the Serving At Risk Families ministry.

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In 2017 we seem to have lost contact with this family.  While we are still in close communication with Hipolita and they continue to report that Emilia, Jerson, and his wife are doing well, as a ministry we have not heard much from them.  This tells us that they are doing well on their own!  We continue to pray for them and praise God for all that He does for this humble and faithful family.