Their oldest, Jacinto, stayed in Nebaj with other family members and attended school until he graduated. He has since married and he along with his wife Eva and their son Alejandro live with the rest of the family in Linda Vista.

Their family dreams are to be able to find better work in order to create a better living situation for their family. They desire for their kids to continue in schooling so they do not have the same struggles as the parents Thanks to Servants’ help with scholarships, Maty and Katy are finishing high school and looking forward to moving on into the working world as professionals. Pedro desires to be a leader in the church and is striving to grow personally and spiritually to better care for his family. He also wishes to be able to have his own business so he can better support his family and have flexible work hours to work more with the church. His ultimate desire is to return to Nebaj as a missionary and work there planting churches.